Need a Powerflush?

It is quite common on certain central heating systems that allow air to enter the system that corrosion occur. This will effectively mean that the central heating system will not work efficiently and you will end up using more gas to heat the room to the required temperature.

If you have sludge in your system this can block up both the boiler, pipework and radiators throughout the system. This may mean that the radiators are not hot uniformly across the radiators and you may get cold spots in different areas in the radiator.

This is when it is a good idea to clean your central heating system with a technique known as powerflushing whereby we will chemically clean your system and return the system water with a ph neutral  7.

This will ensure that your central heating system will return to optimum performance for the boiler and radiators that you have installed and can also help prevent having issues with the boiler in the future.

If you would like to book a powerflush or get some advice on whether this is the best course of action for your central heating system then please call us on 0800 619 1105 or 07958 568 469 to get further information from one of our engineers.

Things to look for:

  • Cold Spots on Radiators
  • Certain Radiators not working
  • Boiler Nose and Central Heating Pump Noise
  • Discoloured water when venting radiators
  • TRV’s getting stuck


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